Established company.  With the capital of NT.10 million dollars,
 Fullerton started the business as an agent for the foreign computer aided kindergarten,
 encyclopedia, and language software.


 Established Department of Software Publication, and
 released local and foreign software.


 Established Department of Software Distribution, manages
 channels for computer softwares.


  Increased capital in cash as NT.60 million dollars.

  Established Department of Semiconductor business unit,
  engages in marketing and sales activities for franchised

  Semiconductor Business secured franchise rights of key
  component modules such as Globespan, and Smart Link

  Increased capital in cash as NT.40 million dollars in November, and increased NT.12.5 million
  dollars in December.  After the capital increase, the total amount of capital was NT.112.5
  million dollars
  Secured franchise rights of Chung Hua Telecom's Hinet Easy Net valued-added services ,
  and established OEM value-added software business.


  Bought the present office and factory.

  Transferred NT.43.75 million dollars of reserve surplus fund of capital as capital increase,
  surplus to capital NT.10 million dollars, and increased capital in cash by NT.83.75 million
  dollars. After increasing the capital, the capital became NT.250 million dollars.
  Public issuing was authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission Ministry,
  and started being assisted for entering the public listing and over the counter trading markets.
  At the same time, organizational shareholders were introduced.

  Investing in Hong Kong subsidiary to expand in Hong Kong and Mainland China markets.

  Established e-Commerce business unit. Established ESD (Electronic Software Distribution)
  via integrating the semiconductor channel, software channel, and internet technology
  in order to manage the international operation.

  Set up convenient shop channels in Taiwan for software distribution, with more than 10,000
  points of sales.

  Secured franchise rights for ADD, SiS, Realtek, and Cologne semiconductor components.



Semiconductor business unit established PC, communications, peripheral products, and multimedia layouts, achieved a complete product line and customer base.
Added software from Computer Associates, an international well-known brand, to the OEM value-added software. Signed value-added contracts with public and OTC companies such as Gigabyte, FIC, Billion Electric, Askey, and Chaintech.
Completed the establishment of more than 15,000 points of sales in the software distribution channel and introduced communication software value-added services and products that have prominent growth potentials.
Signed franchise contracts with the name brand image business companyCORBIS, and the largest European image business company Digital Vision. Completed the layout of agents in major European countries including France, German,Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and Northern Europe.


OTC Listing on Jan. 16, 2002
Paid-in-Capital increase to NTD 542 Million.


Establish Online Game Business
Paid-in-Capital increase to NTD 682 Million.
Increase IC Distribution Business Partner: Agere
Increase IC Distribution Business Partner: AMD.
TSEC Listing on Aug. 25, 2003


Merged Mec as a fully-owned subsidiary.
Paid-in-Capital increase to NTD 1.028 Billion(2004/9)
Rename Software Business Unit to Digital Marketing Service Unit
Established Digital Advertisement & Marketing Service business, Entertainment Content & Marketing Service Business.
IC Distribution Business Will Spin-Off on Jan. 1, 2005, A Fully-Owned Subsidiary by Fullerton.
Strategic Alliance with World Peace Group(WPI). WPI will issue new shares to Fullerton to get over 50% shares from Fullerton IC Distribution Subsidiary on 2 Quarter, 2005.


RichPower incorporated, Former IC Distribution business Unit of Fullerton Technology.
Increase Mobile Ticketing Service with Warner Village Cinemas & ChungHwa Telecom(CHT)


Reduced Paid-in Capital to NTD 1.07billion
Redeemed All Outstanding CBs


Internet Marketing Business: Launched Advertisement & Service Portal “CallDoor”.

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